Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Alternative Kooky #4

Being a naturally curious and full of wonderments I was eager to find out how simple it would be to create a male avatar from free/cheap items. I know that with the huge amount of freebies out there for girls creating an avatar that looks relatively alright is not really that hard at all if you know where to look. I wanted to see if the same was true for boys so went on a little journey around the grid.

(Kooky as she is known n loved.)

There are plenty of cheap shapes around that I have seen both in-world and on the marketplace for guys and gals alike. This is one area that I find myself being particularly fussy about. The shape can look completely different when paired with different skins. Some make the shape really shine and look awesome where as others seem to make it look lumpy, bumpy and in some cases just plain ugly. For a project like this I wasn't about to spend time trying to create a nice shape around a skin I wore. I wanted to just pick something up as an example of what you can find on the cheap. I had heard very good things through the grape vine about the items sold at bird next door so paid their shop a visit. Here I picked up a male shape for 5L$ and a pair of jeans for 10L$

(The transformation begins! Just changed shape to the one from [bnd]. Too funny!)

Next to come was what I should imgine is a more difficult piece of an avatar puzzle to find for guys - skin. I wanted to see what goodies the groups I am a member of had, but also to see what I could find beyond those for others that might not be so fortunate to have access to group gifts. I picked up the group gift from Verve and also went by SZD to slap the midnight mania boards . They have clothing for both sexes as well as a skin for girls and one for guys.

(On the left is the group gift skin from Verve, the right SZD midnight mania board)

To give the man something to wear beyond the jeans from [bnd] I stalked lucky chairs at Virtual Attire  and Adn both of which are very generous with their gifts and have plenty of chairs that tick from letter to letter at a good rate with all the visiters they have.

(Lucky chair outfit from Adn on the left, Virtual attire on the right)

So now we have a shape, skin and clothes. The only thing that I can think I'd need for a basic start is an AO. I looked on market place picking up one from here and found another midnight mania board with an AO for guys and gave that a slap too.

I decided not to bother with hair as the skins I have come with hair bases. There is a decent free hairbase at KMADD and a few free hairs at Amacci and Exile if you want to go for that option.

So there we have it. Cheap, cheerful, and not too bad looking Kookyboy

Until next time,


Dido Haas said...

Hey Kooky, take me out dancing, or I could transfer myself into a freebie guy tooo and we start a band 'the freebie boys'^^
Very very very very useful info btw for all those guys that look like noobs after 2 yrs or more of SL. There is so much good stuff for little or no money!!
dikke kus

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