Thursday, 25 August 2011

Alternative Kooky #2

It is items like the one featured in this post that really hit the spot and appeal to my geeky nerdy side. This is the side of me that I describe as the 'little bit of fruit to go with the nut'. Sure it is more long winded, but it is better than confessing to being a complete dork when it comes to this kind of thing.

It is finds like this that ignite a spark of child-like excitement and joy inside. They make me want to instantly leap up from my chair and run on the spot, knees high, and squeal like an overenthusiastic fan.

So come on, stop babbling and tell us what it is I hear you cry. Alright. I will! It is the amazing, the fantastic and right out of Futurama Head in a Jar!

(Altya's JarHead UFO Futurama)

Oh yes! C'mon and tell me who wouldn't want to be a head in a jar? We all moan that our butts are too big, our legs are to thin or thick, our chests are no longer as pert as we might like, our six pack turned into a less appealing beer barrel so why not do away with them all and just be a head!?

You might wonder if being a head in a jar could get boring. Stuck on a shelf in one place unless you have someone to stick you in a bag or under their arm and carry you around. This isn't the case at all either. There is another version of Head in a Jar that screams mobility. You can get around on your very own unicycle complete with horn so you can toot to your hearts content and make your presence known without uttering a word.

(Altya's JarHead Unibike Avatar Futurama)

I adore these two avatars and own several other of the Altya's Dream Creations items which I am sure I will show you at a later date. You can find the store in-world or on marketplace.

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