Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Alternative Kooky #1

Here goes with my first proper post!

Even though I really do love my cute and adorable neko self in Second Life I also really enjoy changing things up now and again. I am going to do a series of posts over time consisting of me dressed up completely differently to what is 'the norm' for me. This could be a completely new look or an avatar or anything else I happen to stumble upon.

For these posts I will be using my regular Kooky shape unless it is a complete avatar,  tiny or something obviously not compatiable with a regular shape.

I think it will be awesome and interesting to see just how many and varied alternative Kooky's it is possible to create purely changing the 'outer' aspects of her.

This should be fun!


Last night a good friend of mine called Dido and I decided we were going to play dress up. I had brought this particular outfit a while ago and subsequently, accidentally, threw it out when having a clear out of my inventory (oops!). So off we trundled to the awesome store, Bare Rose, to find it again. Both of us purchased said outfit and then we found a sim fitting for our new looks.

Here we are, Kook-a-Taur and Dido-a-Taur on The Seven Isles Sim in our new outfits from B@R.

Outfit - Night Centaur Lady

Until next time,

(I promise I'll try and get better with this picture adding as time goes on. I am new to all this! :D )


Dido Haas said...

hey Kooky girl, welcome to the world of Bloggers!
And yeah we look suppah as Taurs. I had great fun yesterday evening.
Hugs and dikke kus
Dido (fellow blogger but above all your friend)

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