Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Alternative Kooky #5

The avatar type to feature in this post is definitely where the majority of my Linden dollar budget is going to be spent in the foreseeable future. I had heard about them, seen them around and pondered taking the plunge for a while. Why I didn't get one before I can't really say, but now I have there is no turning back.

I am talking about the  super itty bitty world of micro avatars. They are amazing! Fully articulated little people, fairies, pixies, bugs, furries.. the possibilities of what you can be seems endless. The great thing about them being fully articulated is that you don't need anything specialised in the way of animations for them (unless we're talking about furniture). Your AOs will function with them, your dances and static model poses work. I will say that some 'super moving' animations make your mini person look like they popped a joint out of place, but in the majority of cases animations for 'biggies' work just fine.

(So you can get an idea of just how small we are talking here.)
(Dancing at  Muddy's Music Cafe)

So far I have seen a couple of ways you can buy these dinky avatars. There are ones that come as an entire package including a special required HUD  and then there are ones where you buy the avatar and then purchase a HUD separately.

I chose the latter to begin with. I purchased a pixie avatar from here and the required HUD from here and have been a happy little camper ever since. The avatar I purchased comes with three clothing options as well as a nude option so you can buy or make clothes to fit her. I was not so keen on the hair that came with it so I shrank down one of the hairs from my inventory. It is not the most ideal hair in the world as it covers her pixie ears, but it worked well enough to get me up and running almost instantly.

( So cute! So awesome! *wiggles excitedly*)

I can't wait to learn more, discover more and will definitely be making more micro related purchases over the coming days. I think I might get myself a micro fox, or maybe the husky, perhaps the lady bug... Ahhh decisions decisions!

Until next time,

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Alternative Kooky #4

Being a naturally curious and full of wonderments I was eager to find out how simple it would be to create a male avatar from free/cheap items. I know that with the huge amount of freebies out there for girls creating an avatar that looks relatively alright is not really that hard at all if you know where to look. I wanted to see if the same was true for boys so went on a little journey around the grid.

(Kooky as she is known n loved.)

There are plenty of cheap shapes around that I have seen both in-world and on the marketplace for guys and gals alike. This is one area that I find myself being particularly fussy about. The shape can look completely different when paired with different skins. Some make the shape really shine and look awesome where as others seem to make it look lumpy, bumpy and in some cases just plain ugly. For a project like this I wasn't about to spend time trying to create a nice shape around a skin I wore. I wanted to just pick something up as an example of what you can find on the cheap. I had heard very good things through the grape vine about the items sold at bird next door so paid their shop a visit. Here I picked up a male shape for 5L$ and a pair of jeans for 10L$

(The transformation begins! Just changed shape to the one from [bnd]. Too funny!)

Next to come was what I should imgine is a more difficult piece of an avatar puzzle to find for guys - skin. I wanted to see what goodies the groups I am a member of had, but also to see what I could find beyond those for others that might not be so fortunate to have access to group gifts. I picked up the group gift from Verve and also went by SZD to slap the midnight mania boards . They have clothing for both sexes as well as a skin for girls and one for guys.

(On the left is the group gift skin from Verve, the right SZD midnight mania board)

To give the man something to wear beyond the jeans from [bnd] I stalked lucky chairs at Virtual Attire  and Adn both of which are very generous with their gifts and have plenty of chairs that tick from letter to letter at a good rate with all the visiters they have.

(Lucky chair outfit from Adn on the left, Virtual attire on the right)

So now we have a shape, skin and clothes. The only thing that I can think I'd need for a basic start is an AO. I looked on market place picking up one from here and found another midnight mania board with an AO for guys and gave that a slap too.

I decided not to bother with hair as the skins I have come with hair bases. There is a decent free hairbase at KMADD and a few free hairs at Amacci and Exile if you want to go for that option.

So there we have it. Cheap, cheerful, and not too bad looking Kookyboy

Until next time,

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Alternative Kooky #3

Selene and Michael.
Blade and Whistler
Buffy, Spike and Angel.
Count Dracula
Edward and Bella
Eric, Bill and Sookie
Van Helsing
Count Duckula

I bet everyone that visits this page will have heard of at least one name/set of names listed above and know exactly what this post is going to be about. For some reason we are fascinated by these blood drinking, cape wearing, garlic/silver avoiding creatures of the night and the people that want to slay them. I am still a little baffled that most vampires seem to sizzle like a strip of bacon in a frying pan at the first sign of sunlight yet Edward Cullen sparkles. What is with that? But then again who am I to bust anyones bubble? Who doesn't like sparkly twinkly pretty things? He sure did look pretty!

When I think of the word vampire in the context of Second Life the first two things that come to mind is the fantastic store AVID and the HUD based game, Bloodlines. Those aren't what inspired this post, however. I recently joined the Heartsick VIP group and shortly after received a vampire teeth tattoo layer. I thought that it was a nifty little item and wanted to build something around it.

You may or may not be surprised to learn that the grand total cost of everything I am wearing in the picture above was 2 lindens.

I'm wearing
~ The Heartsick vampire teeth tattoo group giftie
~ A *Deviance* apple bobbing prize outfit
~ Para Designs limited freebie tattoo
~ The skin was part of a subscribo gift from The Plastik
~ Hunt gift boots from Fools Fate.
~ 1L hunt item, hair from  .:ARI:. 
~ The eyes were 1L on marketplace.
(and Kooky shape made by me!)

I am absolutely gobsmacked by the quality of things people give away out of the goodness of their hearts and want to thank them and everyone else that creates hunt items/freebies/cheap items for those on a shoe string budget.

I vant to suk your bluuuud! Bwhahahahaha! ( I know, I'd make a rubbish vampire)

Until next time,

(Please note : I have no idea if the items listed above are still available at the time of posting.)

Kooky Clobber #3

Ever since I was a little nipper running around the garden and through the vegetable patch (much to the dismay of my parents) I have had a certain adoration for one of mother nature's busiest insects, the bumblebee.

(What cute likkle eyes you have!)

During this summer I was lucky enough to come across a group of several young bees in my back garden. I sat down on the patio watching them for quite some time as they tried to take off often only managing a hop, or very short flight before flomping to the ground again. It was such an amazing experience for me. I sat like a child infront of the television - totally glued - giving my own running commentary of their actions while whispering words of encouragement to the cute little critters. Like all children's television shows there was a happy ending. I clapped quickly and excitedly as one by one they finally managed to take to the skies.  "Hurrah!"

I decided that it was about time I transformed Kooky kitty into Kookybee so off I trundled in search of bee goodies. I am admittedly extremely fussy when it comes to the purchase of clothing items. Stuff I buy more often than not has to have a special something about it. Trouble is I rarely know what that special thing is until I see it.

I stumbled upon Intrigue Co and found that 'it'.

I knew instantly that these were items I HAD to have. I brought several of their pyjama costumes which are really nicely made and very reasonably priced. They've somehow managed to create something that I find both utterly hilarious and super cute. Whether it is the super cuteness that causes it to be so funny I am not sure, but it seems others feel the same. My friends and even people I don't know have commented on how cute and/or funny I look as Kookybee which is awesome. I like it when others get a kick out of my kookiness.

You can find Intrigue Co. Both in-world and on marketplace. Another shop that is definately worth a look in my opinion. Such cleverly and well put together costumes that induce giggle fits.

After all that typing I think it is time for me to catch some Zzz's.

Until next time,

Busy Blog

It was brought to my attention that my blog was a little busy and hard on the eyes which I obviously don't want. I want each and every one of you to enjoy your visit here reading my rambles.


For those of you that like to look around anonymously I am going to put up a little poll that I hope you'll take part in. I would really like some input on whether you liked the old style, this new one or would like to see something else.

Thank you for your help and support.

Until next time,

Friday, 26 August 2011

Kooky Clobber #2

Though like almost every other girl I enjoy dressing in casual clothing there are times when I absolutely love to stand out from the crowd. It is those slightly more 'off the wall' outfits I am going to concentrate on sharing with you in Kooky Clobber.

In stark contrast to the wonderful casual outfits featured in the first installment of Kooky Clobber this one is about as funked up as they come. After discovering the store *Epic* via a blog I have not looked back. I absolutely love the creations of Jade Winthorpe. Her products are top notch and come in a wide variety of styles. Some products are spiffy and spunky where as others are cute as a button. Everything is wonderfully made with lots of care and attention to detail which is right up my alley.

The outfit I am about to share with you is no longer available in the colour I am wearing as it was a weekend special a short time ago. You can get the same outfit in many other colour variations in-world and there is also a marketplace store you can browse.

I am quite sure that I've babbled on long enough so now it is time for the visuals to speak for themselves. Here is the Kook in all her *Epic* Orange Glory looking somewhat like a mad scientist with the goggles - or at least I think so.

(*Epic* Aviator Jumpsuit Set and *Epic* Lost Analog TV Signal Faun Tech Boots)
(The black leggings, long gloves, collar and boob tape were added from my inventory)

The boots have colour change lights, cute little animated TVs and little steam trails out behind them. I think that they are more than worthy of a close up snap so you can see them in more detail.

(click to enlarge for a better view)

That's about it for this installment I think.

Until next time,

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Alternative Kooky #2

It is items like the one featured in this post that really hit the spot and appeal to my geeky nerdy side. This is the side of me that I describe as the 'little bit of fruit to go with the nut'. Sure it is more long winded, but it is better than confessing to being a complete dork when it comes to this kind of thing.

It is finds like this that ignite a spark of child-like excitement and joy inside. They make me want to instantly leap up from my chair and run on the spot, knees high, and squeal like an overenthusiastic fan.

So come on, stop babbling and tell us what it is I hear you cry. Alright. I will! It is the amazing, the fantastic and right out of Futurama Head in a Jar!

(Altya's JarHead UFO Futurama)

Oh yes! C'mon and tell me who wouldn't want to be a head in a jar? We all moan that our butts are too big, our legs are to thin or thick, our chests are no longer as pert as we might like, our six pack turned into a less appealing beer barrel so why not do away with them all and just be a head!?

You might wonder if being a head in a jar could get boring. Stuck on a shelf in one place unless you have someone to stick you in a bag or under their arm and carry you around. This isn't the case at all either. There is another version of Head in a Jar that screams mobility. You can get around on your very own unicycle complete with horn so you can toot to your hearts content and make your presence known without uttering a word.

(Altya's JarHead Unibike Avatar Futurama)

I adore these two avatars and own several other of the Altya's Dream Creations items which I am sure I will show you at a later date. You can find the store in-world or on marketplace.

Until next time,

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Kooky Clobber #1 - K&L

Even if you lack animal ears and a cute fluffy tail this first shop to feature on Kooky Clobber is definately worth a look for both girls and guys.

The deals you get with K&L Clothing and Accessories both on the marketplace and in-world are nothing short of jawdroppingly good. You get fantastic quality and amazing value.

Since I last visited it seems that the creator of this wonderful clothing line, Kiku Yokosuka, has branched out into doing separates as well as complete outfits. I am going to concentrate on the complete outfits in this post.

(K&L Raspberry Kitty)

In the box you purchase you will recieve an entire outfit (often with several options), kitty ears, a fluffy kitty tail, accessories (like bangles) and boomers all for just fifty lindens a pop, and that's not all!

At the time of me pressing send there are four complete avatars up for grabs. You girls can get a complete neko look inclusive of hair, skin, eyes, shape, facelight, clothes and cute little extras for the same price as the outfits. Just 50L$ ... Wow!

So without further ado here are a couple more snaps of Kooky in all her K&L glory

(K&L mash up of Punk and Killer Kitty.)  
(Armbands, finger tape and face tattoo not included)

(K&L Snow Kitty - complete avatar - included shape used)

Until next time,

Alternative Kooky #1

Here goes with my first proper post!

Even though I really do love my cute and adorable neko self in Second Life I also really enjoy changing things up now and again. I am going to do a series of posts over time consisting of me dressed up completely differently to what is 'the norm' for me. This could be a completely new look or an avatar or anything else I happen to stumble upon.

For these posts I will be using my regular Kooky shape unless it is a complete avatar,  tiny or something obviously not compatiable with a regular shape.

I think it will be awesome and interesting to see just how many and varied alternative Kooky's it is possible to create purely changing the 'outer' aspects of her.

This should be fun!


Last night a good friend of mine called Dido and I decided we were going to play dress up. I had brought this particular outfit a while ago and subsequently, accidentally, threw it out when having a clear out of my inventory (oops!). So off we trundled to the awesome store, Bare Rose, to find it again. Both of us purchased said outfit and then we found a sim fitting for our new looks.

Here we are, Kook-a-Taur and Dido-a-Taur on The Seven Isles Sim in our new outfits from B@R.

Outfit - Night Centaur Lady

Until next time,

(I promise I'll try and get better with this picture adding as time goes on. I am new to all this! :D )


A big warm welcome and hearty hello from lil ole me to you, dear reader.

Now that the formality of greeting you is out of the way lets get this ball a-rollin'!

My first avatar was created back in 2006 so I guess you could say I am a bit of an old timer. I remember the first flexi prims that flapped around like pieces of rubber, the introduction of odd shaped blobs called sculpties and more recently windlight settings which have all enhanced the whole SL experience greatly.

I love my time in SL now with Kooky more than I ever have before. Second Life is certainly what you make it and in my opinion it is a fantastic place for so many reasons. The possibilities are endless. There is so much to do and so very little that you can't find - apart from the elusive Sloth avatar I want that I've yet to locate - and yet I still hear people say they are bored!

Well, I am here with the aim of de-boring you or at least giving you some ideas about places you can explore, or shop, or dance. Beyond that however I am not entirely sure what I am going to post for you to flash your peepers at yet but I can assure you there will be some fun and wacky stuff blogged about. I just love to hunt down the weird and wonderful to add to my ever growing inventory of kooky stuff.

If you happen to see me in-world, don't be shy, say "Hi" or "Hello" or whatever tickles your pickle. :)

Until next time my friends,
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