Friday, 25 January 2013

Hidden Faces @ Nitroglobus Gallery

Masked Beauty - NGG Party + Dido Rez Day

On Wednesday evening there a party to celebrate the opening of the latest exhibit at Nitroglobus Gallery This time around the beautiful and thought provoking works of Mistero Hifeng adorn the walls while sculptures created by Nitro Fireguard stand around proudly.

With this exhibit bearing the title "Hidden Faces" the party was themed with masks, veils, hats and other similar items as the order of the day. Everyone looked fabulous! I had a bit of trouble deciding whether to be silly and just stick a paper bag over my head or go for something a little more proper.

As my gorgeous girlfriend - pictured with me here - went to the trouble of putting such a splendid outfit together for the evening I thought that a paper bag was out of the question so ended up going for something at least somewhat more formal that I am used to wearing.

The evening ended up being a double celebration as it was my good friend, and gallery manager, Dido's rez day! I think I can safely say everyone that attended really enjoyed themselves listening to great music from DJ Lex, and watching pretty light shows that appeared out of thin air before disappearing again.

As always if you find yourself at a loose end I highly recommend a visit. While you're there why not have a look down at ground level. The sim is absolutely gorgeous too.

Until next time,

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Sweet Like Chocolate

Sweet like chocolate

When I saw these chocolate avatars from Curio Obscura featured on the Virtual Vagabond Blog it really did get my gigglers going. I love the sillier side of SL and these beauties certainly fit into that category.

In the box, which you can pick up for free, you get the Chocolate coated skin, matching hair and eyes. You can then customise your look by wearing whatever shape takes your fancy. I don't think I've ever looked quite so tasty! MmmMmmMmm!

Though you can't see a great deal of it in the background in this picture I'm in the "Grumpy Old Men Fishing Shack" that I picked up from Prism in the Cold Winter Nights hunt for just L$10. The beds have several adjustable poses in them and there is a bench on the other side that is also loaded with poses. In the corner to the right of Mr Melty is a quaint little stove - a source of heat these two could probably do without!

Until next time, 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Winter Femboy Hunt - Look 2

Winter Femboy Hunt - Look 2

A little while earlier today I posted some information and showed off a bunch of goodies from the Winter Femboy Hunt and now I'm back with more!

This time, with the exception of the mesh feet from NOYA, everything I'm wearing can be found during the hunt. The "Andrej" shape and skin are from Aeva//Heartsick and come in a choice of five different skin tones. You also get a teeth tattoo layer, hair base layers and alpha layers for hiding the default SL avatar eyelashes. I failed to mention in my previous post that I was wearing the Andrej shape then too..oops!

The two tone Lythrum mesh hair is a hunt exclusive from Tableau Vivant. It works wonderfully with the skin and sexy "Snow Prince" outfit I'm wearing from A.S.S . The corset comes on a clothing layer and the pants are made using mesh. I think it's gorgeous!

Finally the backdrop for this picture is a very pretty build from Scarlet Creative. It was made for William Weaver to display his art in and, with William's permission, is now offered as a freebie at the Scarlet Creative store. Having shadows enabled is where this building really shines I think I'll be using this to snap shots in more often.

Have a great day!

Until next time,

Winter Femboy Hunt - Look 1

I had a great time doing and blogging the Femboy Hunt back in the summer so when I saw there was another one going on I jumped at the chance to get my hands on some more androgynous goodies.

There are fifty-ish stores taking part, the majority of which have provided a hint to make things easier. All hints and Surls to stores can be found on the Femboy Hunt Blog.

Another handy thing they've done is add a slide show of pictures showing the gifts. This is not an expensive hunt by any means with each gift costing just L$2, but it's nice to be able to see them and decide which ones you might like to get beforehand.

Winter Femboy Hunt Look 1 

I'm showing a mish-mash of goodies from the hunt here. The skin I'm wearing is "PinkSugar" from WOW Skins. It comes with a cleavage and non cleavage options, so this is a great one to pick up for all the ladies and femboys out there.

The shirt can be found at Iron Claw which is a store I'm going to keep a closer eye on. They have some really great and interesting mesh clothes for both gals and guys. There are a couple more tops I think I might add to my increasing mesh wardrobe in the not too distant future.

Finally, at the bottom, I'm wearing jeans that are part of the "Kiss me Goodbye" gift found at Kre-ations. There are several dollarbies on the front desk here and a free mesh top on a rail right at the front of the store. They have some real quirky items and like with Iron Claw it's a store I'll be keeping an eye on from here on out.

I'll be back with some more of my favourite items from the hunt soon.

Until next time,

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Holo-Kitties! Mod for Blue Galaxian Feline Avatar

Blue Galaxian Avatar Mod

I wish I had the know-how and skill to create mods for avatars. Not just the one I'm wearing here but others I have too. I think it would be great to have a "one off" style to strut around in and perhaps it's something I'll get around to at least trying at some point. Until that day comes, if it ever does, it's not a huge problem because there are plenty of talented people making absolutely cracking mods for the BG feline avatar and other furry critters as well.

The one shown in the pictures here comes from Winry's Whimsey and is something I have had my eye on for quite some time. The biggest problem I had was picking which colour to get because I'm terribly indecisive like that. Even that isn't a very good excuse though when they're so reasonably priced at just L$299 each, but there we go!

Blue Galaxian Kitties Chillin' Out

So you tell us you couldn't chose a colour, yet I see two in the picture...indeed you do. The cute kitty on the left is my friend Ayoki. She recently purchased the BG avatar and seems to be enjoying shopping for mods and other accessories to alter her appearance. It's so much fun running around with another kitty! Before we went back to chill out in her garden earlier today we were bopping our holo-hearts out together Gangnam style which was giggle-tastic!

I finally decided to plump for the Virus AI mod and Ayoki brought the High Voltage one. Both of which look absolutely fantastic. I think I'm going to play with levels of glow and transparency a little more to see what really makes this mod shine, but for a quick faff and fiddle to see what they'd look like I'm truly impressed!

I think I'll definitely be going back for more in the not too distant future. Maybe a purple one as it's one of my favourite colours. As well as the marketplace store I linked above there is an in-world store too where all of Winry's mods and other items are available to buy.

Here's hoping you have a wonderfully chilled out Sunday.

Until next time,

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